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Veterinary Emergency services at Home throughout London and Greater London
Veterinary Emergency services at Home
throughout London and Greater London

When every minute matters,
you can count on us.

More than 85% of our consultations are completed in less than one hour.


Are you worried about your pet's condition in London or Greater London?
With just a few questions, our triage nurse evaluates your companion's situation with you for free. If, after your discussion with the triage nurse, an emergency veterinary consultation is required, our on-call team of veterinarians are available to come to your home, out of hours, 7 days a week including Sundays and bank holidays.

At Emergency Home Vet, our vets provide care for your four-legged friends right in your own home.
You can explore our website to learn more about the consultations we conduct.

Emergency Home Vet's Operationnal Area

In which areas do the veterinarians from Emergency Home Vet operate?

Our vets provide emergency consultations in London and Greater London. In october 24, our service will also be operational in the Manchester area.

They are available year-round, out of hours, to come directly to your home to care for your pets and address veterinary emergencies.

To find out if we are working in your postcode, you can visit our service area page, where you'll also find information about our home visit fees.

Action areas
veterinary triage

veterinary triage

Have a question about your pet's health and are unsure if the symptoms they are exhibiting could be a sign of a veterinary emergency? Our emergency dispatch center is here to assist you.
A triage nurse will assess the situation with you and provide all the necessary advice for the well-being of your dog, cat, or small pet. We provide house calls for life-threatening emergencies as well as for less critical situations that affect the well-being of your pet.

You can reach us at 020 8073 0500 to request immediate assistance or schedule a consultation for a later time.

Vet at home

Vet at home

Our on-call vet teams take shifts every day to handle your pets' emergencies out of hours. They are experienced in managing critically ill animals and come equipped with all the necessary tools to address any veterinary emergencies at your home. In most cases, the emergency can be treated directly at your location. If, at the time of your call, the attending veterinarian believes it's better to hospitalize your animal, they will direct you to the nearest veterinary hospital in your area. If you are unable to transport your pet, a mobile veterinarian will intervene to stabilize your animal and ensure they are not in pain while arrangements for transportation are made

Species treated in emergency


In emergencies, we provide consultations for all common domestic animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, and other rodents. As for birds and reptiles, we cannot guarantee specialist knowledge for these species.

collaboration with veterinarian


We work closely with all the vets in the area. We systematically send them a report after our emergency consultations so that they can provide follow-up care for your pet.

Emergency vet

Emergency vet

Are you in need of an emergency vet in London or Greater London? Our team provides urgent care by coming directly to your home to tend to your animals. We have all the necessary equipment for managing emergencies until your regular vet reopens.


End of life

The end of your pet’s life is a challenging moment to go through. Our team of veterinarians can support and assist you during this difficult time. By providing home visits, we enable your companion to pass away in a familiar environment, surrounded by those who love them.