020 8073 0500
Veterinary Emergency services at Home throughout London and Greater London
Veterinary Emergency services at Home
throughout London and Greater London


Our service operates out of hours all year long, on evening days, weekends and bank holidays. You can reach us at 020 8073 0500 to request a consultation or seek advice on your pet's health.

We primarily handle emergency consultations. However, it is possible to schedule an consultation at your home for a specific time. We will do our best to accommodate this schedule, taking into account the emergencies in your area.

At the time of your call, you will be connected with a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) trained to handle emergency calls. The RVN is in constant communication with the supervising veterinarian and can provide information on any questions related to your pet's health.

A Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) is available out of hours to answer your medical questions and provide free advice. They are in constant contact with the supervising veterinarian in case of medical questions beyond their expertise.

Our team of veterinarians has been selected based on their abilities to handle emergency situations. They are experienced and receive continuous training in emergency practices. Discover our team by following this link.

Our veterinarians will arrive at your home with 25kg of equipment that allows them to handle all emergency situations.

Our service is exclusively for veterinary emergencies. We do not administer vaccinations or implant microchips. Please contact your regular veterinarian for such services.

Our veterinarians are trained and equipped to manage all emergencies at home. In rare cases, they may recommend hospitalisation at one of our partner facilities if your pet requires constant veterinary monitoring or emergency surgery requiring an operating theatre. When you call us, our RVNs are experienced in identifying emergency situations that require immediate hospitalisation and will advise you accordingly.

Our team is trained to treat "common" household pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs etc. However, for more exotic species such as reptiles and birds, our vets are not specialists but can provide first aid pain relief to alleviate suffering. Our RVNs can help direct you to a more specialist centre if needed.

80% of our interventions are done within an hour of your call. A timeframe will be provided when you request an intervention.

A consultation report will be sent to you and your regular veterinarian after each consultation.

An emergency home visit is covered by insurance, just like any other emergency consultation.

An emergency home visit includes a consultation, travel, and on-site care. You can find more information about our rates on our Rates and Service Area page..

We accept payment by credit card and cash.