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Veterinary Emergency services at Home throughout London and Greater London
Veterinary Emergency services at Home
throughout London and Greater London


If you live in London or the Greater London area, and you are worried about the condition of your pet, we are here for you.

Our team of vets provide at home services to handle vet emergencies for dogs, cats, and small pets such as rabbits, rodents, ferrets….
You can reach us at 020 8073 0500
Our triage call center provides free advice for calls related to your veterinary emergencies.

The triage nurse provides you with their opinion on the condition of your pet.

If your pet is sick or injured, and its condition constitutes a veterinary emergency, the on-call triage nurse will recommend urgent in-home veterinary consultation.
If your pet's condition warrants it, they may decide to direct you to an emergency veterinary hospital for hospitalization.
If your pet's condition does not show signs of urgency, they will provide you with free advice and all the necessary information for their well-being until your day vet can take over.

The Home Consultation

The emergency veterinarian will come to your home out of hours, every day of the year (including weekends and bank holidays), typically within one hour. An exact response time will be provided when you request a consultation.
Our team of vets have been selected for their ability to handle delicate emergency situations. They come equipped with all the necessary emergency medical equipment, including over 25 kilograms of medications, injectables, IV fluids, surgical kits, analyzers, dressings, and more.
If, after evaluating your pet's condition, the vet determines it's necessary, they may ask you to transport your pet to an emergency veterinary hospital for hospitalization. We will ensure a smooth handover with the local hospital.

After the consultation

A detailed consultation report is prepared by the emergency vet. They will send it to you as well as your day vet. Your day vet will then be informed of the emergency your pet faced and can provide long-term care. This report is available and archived in your personal space at www.emergency-home-vet.com.

You will also have access to our guestbook, where you can evaluate our consultation and provide updates on your pet.