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Veterinary Emergency services at Home throughout London and Greater London
Veterinary Emergency services at Home
throughout London and Greater London

Our Charter

For the well-being of your pets, all Emergency Home Vet veterinarians and our entire team commit to respect the following points :

  • A veterinary response out-of-hours every day and weekend for your concerns and requests for medical advice.
  • Fast response times with estimates for consultation and travel fee provided during the call.
  • Consultations carried out by experienced veterinarians trained in the techniques and specificities of home emergency care.
  • Equipment and technical processes tailored to the peculiarities of home emergencies.
  • Attentive listening and respect for your concerns and expectations.
  • Consideration of your pet's stress.
  • Fast and effective pain management.
  • Constantly updated therapeutic protocols to provide your pet with the best medical care.
  • Detailed and comprehensive explanations to assist you in your decision-making.
  • Transparent pricing communicated at the time of booking.
  • The drafting of a detailed and precise report containing analysis results delivered to the owner and the regular veterinarian of your pet.
  • Cooperation with all emergency facilities in London and Greater London.

Their pain is not a fatality.

Just because they don't speak doesn't mean our companions don't suffer. Contrary to common belief, enduring pain does not enable them to resist it better. Early pain management in pets is essential to help them recover as quickly as possible and regain their appetite, sleep, and vitality. Pain management also helps prevent aggressive reactions in animals that are usually very social.

Emergency Home Vet Pain Relief Charter

The team of veterinarians at Emergency Home Vet commits to the following points:

  1. Assess and promptly treat pain in animals in all cases where it is present.
  2. Inform owners about their pet's pain level and the pain management options.
  3. Prevent pain in animals in all cases where its occurrence is predictable.
  4. Avoid all painful treatments and procedures, and if necessary, use sedation and restraint methods to make procedures bearable for the animal.
  5. Depending on the intensity of observed pain, the Emergency Home Vet veterinary team commits to using the most effective treatments and technology to alleviate animal suffering.