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Veterinary Emergency services at Home throughout London and Greater London
Veterinary Emergency services at Home
throughout London and Greater London

Euthanasia at home

Whether they have fur, feathers, or scales, are big or small, purebred or not, cuddly or with more spirited personalities, we cherish them forever...

When the time comes to say goodbye, our team will be there to support and guide you through this journey with care and understanding.

We can come to your home for an end-of-life process or to respectfully take care of your companion's remains.

Unfortunately, our dear companions do not share our lifespan. However, we can never predict when their final moments will arrive. While some may peacefully drift to sleep, it's not always the case. In such instances, euthanasia might be considered.

What is euthanasia?

The word "euthanasia" literally means "beautiful death." It's a way to provide a peaceful and pain-free passing for your companion, sparing them from any unnecessary suffering.

The decision is yours

It's tough to know when it's time for assisted end-of-life care. This decision is never forced upon a pet owner, and you are the best judge. Our team of veterinarians is here to help you in this delicate moment, providing insights into complex medical situations and supporting your choices. However, the decision to say goodbye is entirely yours, made in consultation with your loved ones and taking into account your beliefs, your bond with your pet, and the advice of the veterinarian.

Assisted end-of-life

How does euthanasia work ?

Euthanasia is a veterinary medical procedure that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. This allows your pet to pass away peacefully in a familiar setting, surrounded by love and family, without fear or distress.The veterinarian will administer an initial anesthetic injection to gently put your pet to sleep, similar to preparing for surgery. Once your pet is deeply asleep, a second injection will be given to peacefully stop their heart without any pain.

How does euthanasia work

Should I be present ?

You can choose to be there for your pet throughout the procedure or for just part of it, or even say your final goodbyes before the procedure and not stay for the actual euthanasia.
The attending veterinarian will honor your wishes.
Again it is a very personal and unique decision.

Should I be present

Grieving together

The end of your pet's life is an emotionally charged time. Feeling deep sadness and a profound sense of loss is entirely normal when you say goodbye to a beloved companion who has been by your side for many years. Grief is a unique journey for each person, and it can take time. Our team can offer guidance on how to navigate this process and help you discuss the topic with those who weren't there during your pet's final moments.

Grieving together

What happens next?

After your pet has passed away, there are several options for handling their remains.

Under certain conditions, you can choose to bury your pet if you have a garden. Burial conditions are subject to local regulations, and it's important to check with your local authority before proceeding.

Alternatively, you may opt for cremation. Our team's veterinarian can arrange for the respectful handling of your pet's body and its transfer to our partner, Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Cemetery. If you prefer not to keep your pet's ashes, a communal cremation is available, where your pet's ashes will be lovingly scattered in the memorial garden of Chestnut Lodge Cemetery in East Grinstead alongside those of other animals. If you wish to keep your pet's ashes, you can choose an individual cremation, with the option to attend or not. Your pet's ashes will then be returned to you in a comforting urn.